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  1. THE HOUSE PLAN SHOP   Lots of Plans, Lots of Pictures. They sell Empty-Nester Plans, Baby Boomer House Plans, Small/Affordable House Plans, Mountain House Plans, & Love Shack House Plans. I guess they are up with the times. Plus, they have a link to their "Garage Plans Website". Picture on the right is of their 1000 SF Narrow Lot House, Plan No. 035H-0050.

    ►The HousePlanShop, LLC (THPS) knows finding the perfect house plan can be very challenging. We are committed to making the home plan shopping experience simple and easy for you. THPS understands selecting the right house plan is a very important step in the building process. However, in this fast pace world we live in, we know our customers do not have time to browse through home plan books one after another. Our customers do not have time to visit many different home plan websites with tens of thousands of house plans trying to narrow down their choices. At THPS, we are making it easy for our customers to shop for the perfect house plan. THPS has already done most of the work for you. Our house plan collection is comprised of the top-selling house plan and home plan designs from many of North America's leading architects and residential designers. By publishing only the top-selling house plans from these leading designers, we have saved our customers valuable time that they can now spend moving forward with the construction process. THPS has eliminated the less popular home plans that our customers would have to sort through while shopping in home plan books or on other house plan websites. By publishing the best of the best, we provide our customers with a more manageable collection of house plans to choose from. The staff at THPS has been in the home plan business and serving the public for many years. THPS, is committed to providing exceptional house plans and excellent service to you as you begin the journey of building your ultimate dream home.◄
  2. PLANS DESIGN   This new discovery here based in the state of Washington USA has a lot of nice plans for small cabins and sheds, plus all or most seem to be priced very reasonably at around $19.00 each, some lower priced and some a little higher priced. Picture on the right is of their: "16x12ft Shed With Porch Plans, Design P61612".

    Cigarettes My Man ►Welcome to Plans Design - We offer an affordable high quality set of plans to complete your project with a limited amount of time and tools for any skill level of builders. We've got the style and sizes for do-it-yourself storage sheds, outdoor buildings, and pet house plans. You can choose from our large selection of standard designs. Check out all our pages and select a project plan(s) you can be proud to build and feature on your property. Our buildings not only save you money; they enhance the value of your property as well, while solving many space challenges. There are hundreds of established plan services that are selling good quality plans and thousands of other web sites who are pretending to sell good quality plans. You can't tell the difference if you don't see an actual sample of them. Our plans are on paper generated directly from Auto-Cad design and include a complete material list, detailed layout diagrams and easy to follow step-by-step instructions so that anyone can understand what needs to be done. Ask us for a sample of specific size and style you want to build, then you can know if it is the right product for you. We encourage your viewing our sample to see what our plans design and construction guide illustrations look like. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We offer plans exactly as shown in our pictures (our plans match the pictures shown). 100% money back if you're not happy with our plans. With us, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!◄
  3. LL SHED PLANS   This online business offers plans for about $15 to $16 dollars each. Customer has to download plans via the internet by email, i guess.

    ►Thousands of buildings built from these shed plans. Selling shed plans on the Internet since 1998. Use the Download Feature! Buy today! Start today! . . .   Thousands of sheds built from these plans. Shed Plans have easy to follow instructions, and full size patterns for roof rafters   . . . FREE set of rough window and door framing plans with each plan . . .   Check out the porches for your gable shed! Full size patterns cuts for all angles. Professional, easy to follow shed plans. All plans include complete materials list.◄
  4. STONE MOUNTAIN CABINS   This business has about 6 each small 1 bedroom cabin plans and about 11 each 2 bedroom cabin plans plus some other larger 3 and 4 bedroom units. Nice looking, but too complicated for me to build. They are all pretty nice looking but a little more difficult for the first time builder or "Do-It-Yourselfer". It would be best for most people to enlist the services of a licensed contractor On Food Stamps? to build one of these cabins, in my opinion.

    ►I believe each person searches for solitude and comfort in many ways. I find comfort in the simple pleasures of life - a great book and the company of family. But most of all I find comfort in this great place of renewal, the cabin. If you would like to contact us about your order, have questions about how to place an order or would like to comment on our website, call us or email. Stone Mountain Cabin's plans have been designed with the consideration that minor modifications will take place. Small changes such as the addition, removal or relocation of a window or door, change in building materials, or finishing a loft can easily be made by you or your builder. Stone Mountain Cabins does provide design services that enable you to customize a purchased plan to your specific requirements. Please contact us via email so that we can provide you with pricing and details that match your request. To begin the process of building your home with a Stone Mountain Cabins plan, we suggest finding a contractor that matches your quality, style and budgetary requirements. You may check your local phone book to find contractors that serve your area. Other resources such as referrals from friends or relatives, local Home Builders Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Better Business Bureaus are also excellent sources for more information.◄ —Ken Pieper Designer, Stone Mountain Cabins
  5. BUILD THIS COZY CABIN   According to the author: "Anyone with basic carpentry skills can construct this classic one-room cabin for under $4,000" at 1986 prices. For an exploded view of the basic framework click here.

    ►In this article, I'll show you how to build a 14-by-20-foot cabin featuring a sleeping loft over the porch for about $4,000. Who can resist it? My own cabin adventure began in 1986, when I built one as an inexpensive place to stay while constructing my house — that's when I began learning what makes cabin design and construction successful. (I've always had a debt-free approach to developing my property.) The four years I lived in this cabin were a good time in my life — perhaps one of the best. I fondly recall the simplicity of waking each morning with the sole purpose of building my own house, working well into the evening. What follows is a cabin plan with the hands-on know-how I wish I had 20 years ago. It won't replace the need for basic carpentry skills, but it will alert you to the main challenges of framing a cabin and how to clear the most important hurdles. And even if you never build a cabin of your own, these basic instructions will be useful anytime you need to build a garage, shed or other outbuilding.◄
  6. MODERN PLANS   Most of the plans presented here are for over 1000 SF size homes, but he does have a smaller plan in the works called the "Studio Case House" at 794 SF. Picture on the right is of plan #0367 "The Porch House" at 1066 SF.

    "The Porch House leads a double life. During the winter it is a cozy two bedroom cabin. During the summer it is a weekend retreat able to accommodate many friends and guests. The entire ground floor of the cabin is designed as one big screened in porch, with sleeping areas and a summer kitchen which allows you to move your life outside for the summer months, hence the name Porch House. So despite the size of the house, during the summer months the number of people that can be accommodated can be quite large. These summer living spaces are made to drink in the scenery and make life at this retreat as different as possible from your daily life back home. Think of it as a machine for unwinding! Read more about it below the images."

    ►You have always wanted a modern home but could not find one. Now there is no reason to settle for an ordinary house. You can have the modern home you've always wanted. Since 2002 our house plans have provided custom-like design for a price that more people can afford. These houses are thoughtfully designed, practical, and can be built within average costs. If you are a fan of modern homes frustrated with the lack of options or the expense of custom design, then our house plans are for you.◄
  7. SPECIALIZED DESIGN SYSTEMS   They sell all kinds of plans. Cabin plans. Garage Plans. House Plans. Shops & Shed Plans. Apartment Plans. Barn Plans. Pole Barn Plans. Greenhouse Plans. Playhouse Plans. Lots of good stuff. Based in Mendon, Utah.

    ►This is a family Business, I'm John and my three boys Matt, Andrew, and Jake help with the work. Owner and CEO John Davidson - makes me sound important "NOT" My wife Karla and our little girl Anna are really in charge. I have been designing, drawing and building for 25 years in Northern Utah. I have also taught Drafting and Architectural Design at the College level since 1986. I have now gotten my boys involved. Matthew, Andrew and Jacob, all draw and design and it has been fun getting this family internet business running. 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.◄
  8. LSU FREE SMALL HOME & CABIN PLANS   Go to the section entitled "Extension" click on "Building Plans" then go to the "Sub-Topics" box (upper right) click on "Residential" or "Recreational" both of these previous links will take you to a list of many different little home and cabin plans and related items. All of this is free to the general public, like you.
    These are simple plans, not something in great detail, but you may find them useful. Plus the cost to you is just about right. And they even have some simple camping shelter plans. Picture on the right is of their: "24ft A-Frame Cabin w/Deck".

    ►The LSU AgCenter is dedicated to providing innovative research, information and education to improve people's lives. Working in a unique statewide network of parish extension offices, research stations and academic departments, the LSU AgCenter helps Louisiana citizens make the best use of natural resources, protect the environment, enhance agricultural enterprises and develop human and community resources.◄
  9. COASTAL HOME PLANS   This is a very good website and they have a large inventory of plans and some pretty good ones under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their Plan Number: CHP-50-101, 900 SF, 'Good Harbor Cottage'.

    ►Coastal Home Plans presents home designs from a select group of 45 residential architects and designers who specialize in seaside, coastal, beach, vacation and lake house plans.
    Looking for the ideal home plan for your lot on or near water? Coastal Home Plans offers the largest number of authentic waterfront, elevated, lakefront, getaway and resort style house plans on the web. Surf our house plans to preview over 1,529 coastal home designs in a variety of regional styles. We're continuously searching for and adding stock plans from talented designers and architects across the nation, so be sure to visit often. Or, sign up for the "New Plan Alert" to be notified when we debut new home designs from the very best Coastal Carolina, Mid-Atlantic, Key West and Florida, New England, Gulf Coast and West Coast architects and designers. Need your plan fast? Most all of our stock plans are ready for immediate shipment. In fact, most orders placed before 12 Noon, EST are shipped the same day. Want to make changes to a plan? Many of the designers and architects whose plans we sell offer modification services or, you are welcome to hire your own local design professional to make the changes for you. So if you're ready to make your move to the coast - congratulations! You're going to love it here! We invite you to explore Coastal Home Plans for information and resources for finding a coastal design as well as for building your home. If you have a question, please call - we're here to help.◄
  10. GOODFIT HOUSE PLANS   This plans business does have a nice little inventory of plans for cabins or cottages under 1000 SF. The picture on the right is one of my favorite small homes. It is a two story 992 SF cottage called the "Saratoga". Yes, Ross Chapin plans are very high quality and provide a unique product.

    ►We're pleased to offer this collection of selected plans. Most of these homes have been built and fine-tuned with the help of craftsman builders — or as I sometimes say, they've had the benefit of a "full-scale mockup". A small cottage can be an ideal backyard writing studio, guest house, laneway, or honored dwelling for an aging parent. Our larger houses (small by many standards) may fit the needs for a young family or retired couple, and may be complemented by one of our garages, live-aboves or toolsheds. Developers can take advantage of plans that "dovetail" to preserve privacy in a neighborhood setting. A commons building will offer the setting for shared use, or could be the perfect poolhouse. Whatever your needs, we hope you'll find a solution here. And if not, tell us what you're looking for — we're always interested in creating good homes that fit. real needs.◄
  11. STOCKTON DESIGNS   This plan company located in the state of Oregon, appears to be very professional and has a good selection of smaller home plans. They have at least 84 Beach House plans that i can see, most are under 2000 SF. Picture on the right is of Plan Number 2023, a one story, 320 SF, 1 bedroom plus Loft, 1 bath Beach type Cabin, might be the smallest home plan they have in their inventory.

    ►We are a company dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of residential, multi-family, and light commercial building plans and home plans, whether they are from our stock home plans collection or a custom / remodel design. Building Designs by Stockton offers a wide selection of home plans and building designs. We can modify any of our existing plans so that you are completely satisfied. Our home floor plans have been designed in such a way that they offer a pleasing architectural feel along with the knowledge of the construction process. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and look forward to serving your projects needs. Please call us Toll Free at: 1-800-368-0821.◄
  12. HOUSE PLANS & MORE   This website is very professionally done and has very sophisticated search features. It also has a large inventory of house plans and some small homes under 1000 SF. The picture on the right is of their "HOUSE PLAN #592-008D-0161" a two story A-Frame Cabin with: 618 Total Square Feet, 1st Floor 480, 2nd Floor 138, Width: 20'-0" Depth: 24'-0", 1 Bedroom, 1 Full Bath, Standard Foundation - Piers.

    ►HDA, Inc. has rapidly grown from a leading home plan provider into the nation's most successful distributor of books, magazines and media products to the home improvement, craft, discount, kid's, home decor and cooking specialty retail channels. HDA customizes programs to fit the needs of all its retail partners, using a great mix of books, magazines, promotional displays and cross-merchandisers. The turn-key programs that HDA category manages for its retail partners such as Dollar General, Lowe's, Michaels, and Macy's have flourished, demonstrating superb performance in comparable store sales and return on investment.◄
  13. 10X8FT DIY SHED PLANS   Build Your Own 10 X 8 Gable utility storage shed with these DIY Plans (Only $9.98 as of 10-3-11); So Easy, Beginners Look Like Experts; PDF Download Version so you can get it NOW! [Kindle Edition]. Author: Peter Harrington. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as it helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks, ~gg

    This is a complete SET OF PLANS for my favorite 10ft Wide by 8ft Deep "CLASSIC GABLE STORAGE SHED". Not available in any store!!!

    The Shed Upon Completion features:
    1) Attractive and decorative Design.
    2) Step by Step and easy directions with diagrams for every step.
    3) Level, Sturdy, and Strong Design that withstands tough weather.
    4) Blueprint like patterns; Larger Diagrams for those important Steps.
    5) 5ft Wide Double Doors and Ramp; allowing one to park a lawn mower inside it!
    6) 7ft Walls with 10' Peak; the most preferred height for air vitalization and eye appeal.
    7) Complete Materials List & Pattern Dimensions that use the least $ of bldg. material!
    8) Designed by an Experienced Expert Wood Worker with over 20 years of experience!!
    9) Continued Technical Support from Me "WoodPatternExpert"; 20 Years of Experience!

    ►My instructions with easy to follow patterns and directions are designed as a construction project for the beginner woodworker. Extensive attention is given to speed and ease of construction, with a minimum and choice of tools. A great Shed can be built with just a skill saw, hammer, nail-set, level, hand saw, chalk line, drill, and shovel. Directions are aimed at the beginner woodworker, but should not bore even an experienced carpenter. WARNING: Everyone Will Love This Classic Gable Storage Shed Design. Just about everyone who sees it will want you to build one or more, for them. (That's the reason I decided to write these plans.) Unlike most plans out there, you will be able to understand these! I have looked at others and I guarantee they are not as good as my plans! The plan features: • 50 pages containing very detailed, step by step instructions. • Each step includes diagrams and or photographs to assist in the construction process. • 54 Patterns: One for each piece that makes construction so easy a "caveman could do it!" • Can be built entirely from any wood of your choice. • Tips, Tricks and Notes that allow you to cut without error the first time. • Can be built with just basic tools. • This project plan is designed for the beginner woodworker, but should not bore even the most experienced carpenter.◄
  14. 14X14 CABIN PLANS   This is an eBook which sells for $2.00 by LaMar Alexander on LaMar also has a nice YouTube Channel which displays much or all of his current offerings. He is an author and song writer who walks his talk (Well, i better qualify that statement, i mean he says he lives the lifestyle he advocates on his website, i don't really know what he does or how he lives). This eBook was just recently published in April 2011 and consists of 45 pages in the PDF format.

    ►This is the 14x14 cabin plans from my book "Off the Grid". It includes detailed step-by-step construction plans, pictures, material list, and resource guide. Also included are the 3D sketchup files for the 14x14 and a 12x16 cabin that are modifiable. For all the plans order "Off the Grid".◄
  15. SIMPLY ELEGANT HOME DESIGNS   This is a relatively new online business selling home plans and increasing their inventory regularly. The pictures of the homes on their website don't look simple to me and they do not have a lot of small homes, it appears. The smallest house plan i could find was their "Marine Garage with Apartment Plan" a 1 1/2 story, 2 Car Garage, Studio Apartment, 1 Ba, 1091 SF. The Video on the right is about one of their simple yet unique cottage house plans. Home design features wrap around porch, vaulted ceilings, an open floor plan and main floor master bedroom. This home plan is available for purchase on their website, look for the "Hudson Simple Cottage House Plan". Actually, if you are looking for something under 1000 SF - i could not find anything under 1000 SF in their "Small House Plans" section. The smallest i could find was the: "Scandia Small Shingle Cottage Plan 2 Br, 1½ Ba, 1178 SF". If you are interested in using their services, they might be able to scale down one of their plans to suit your requirements.

    ►Welcome to the best house plans and home designs with well thought out open floor plans. Our portfolio of Architect designed home plans has been described as Simple, Unique, Small, Green, Casual, Innovative, and Beautiful. Explore our plans, photos and images and we think you will agree. Our architect home design styles are modern interpretations of traditional American housing types. Our house plans include Cottage, Country, Farmhouse Craftsman, Colonial, Shingle Style and others. All of Our home plans pay respect to these classic American styles but freely interpret those styles to adapt to the needs of the modern family. Please explore our site; review our floor plans, photos and images and we think you will agree that we have something special going here. As you browse our collection please know that if you cannot find the exact plan you are looking for we can Custom Design one for you.◄
  16. BETTER BARNS HARDWARE   Very classy and beautiful small shed plans you will find here. Picture on the right is of their very popular "Plywood Colonial 10 x 16in combo use shed". They do not recommend using a concrete foundation. All sheds use a wood foundation.

    ►Better Barns Hardware and Plans is family owned and run. Better Barns Hardware makes Do-It-Yourself Architect Designed Barn Plans, Shed Plans, Antique Reproduction and Specialty Barn Hardware, Barn Windows, Barn Trim and Barn Doors. We make all of our sliding door hardware here in Connecticut with the help of our local craftsmen. We are located in Connecticut where we've built our own line of barn plans, window sash, barn accessories and barn door hardware. Better Barns Hardware has earned a reputation of quality and dependability over the years. Please visit our Hall of Fame for more comments from many of our loyal Better Barns Hardware and Plans' customers. Our plans are drawings and dimensions with a "Materials List" to help you shop for your project. We recommend the plywood sided plans for a beginner with some construction experience. The all cedar plans are more difficult and the English Potting Shed is beyond the expertise of the average homeowner.◄
  17. MICROHOUSE   Picture on the right is of "The Atom Prefab" a unique creation of theirs based on an old model from a 1940's worker cabin from the Manhattan Project. If you are interested in this unit they will customize it for you.

    ►Smart, sustainable, and affordable designs. Microhouse specializes in 120 SF to 1,200 SF. live, work, and play spaces. We provide construction ready plans, permitting and other design services. Microhouse is an award winning collaborative of architects, landscape architects, and designers based in Seattle who enjoy the challenge of providing energy and space-efficient designs. We offer a series of affordable small house and backyard cottage plans that may be used as is or customized. Seven of our most popular small house plans are displayed across the top of the web site. To view additional small house designs visit our blog or contact us. The Atom prefab is a contemporary mash up of 1940's Manhattan Project worker housing. It is available in 200 SF and 400 SF options. Both contain a living area, kitchenette, bath and loft. It's space efficient design and compact footprint make it suitable for small lots or environmentally sensitive areas. It is ideal for use as a backyard cottage, guest house, home office, or a rental unit. The atom may comes prefab or as a site built option. Pricing for the unit varies by location and fabricator. Contact microhouse for more for more information and a detailed proposal.◄
  18. HANDYMANPLANS   Nice looking website offers many different project plans to choose from including Small Homes & Cabins and Shed Plans.

    ►Handymanplans is dedicated to providing today's woodworker and do-it-yourselfer with the most up-to-date project plans from internationally known publishers. We feature how-to projects from American Woodworker, The Family Handyman and Popular Woodworking magazines, as well as Somerset Publishing, U-Bild and Garlinghouse. All of the woodworking projects we feature are popular designs that have a unique appearance and appeal to a wide variety of skill levels. Each of our designs have been thoroughly tested, are completely up-to-date and are easy-to-understand. All of the plans include step-by-step instructions, complete materials lists, and feature tips from the pros. The project plans feature how-to photography, cutting lists, a list of tools needed for the project and a skill level. Each of the structural plans meet or exceed UBC building code requirements, are professionally drawn, feature enlarged structural details and many provide multiple sizes to adapt to personal needs.◄
  19. HOUSE PLANS   This site has many plans for sell. And they have an inventory of plans for homes under 1000 SF. I don't know anything about it - But they say "The largest online source for quality affordable house designs with 28,911 house plans." Picture on the right is of the PLAN # 431-7.

    "Our goal is to make quality home design affordable by using all the resources of the Web to streamline a complex process. It's the smart alternative to designing a house from scratch. An original custom home plan can cost 15% or more of the construction budget, but we can save you thousands because the cost of each stock plan is amortized over many sales and customization is simplified. offers complete resources for your home building project including house plans, customized house plans, exclusive architect's plans, land purchase, and financing. Search our databank of 28,911 house plans — the largest inventory on the Internet — to gather ideas for what you want to build. Save the plans or parts of plans that appeal and inspire; for example, you may like the kitchen from one plan and the master bathroom from another. Keep them in your account for easy reference. Refine your list of favorites and select the one plan that best fits your criteria. Speak with one of our project advisers for additional advice. Customize that plan to suit your own situation by adding the refinements you have gleaned from other plans. Do this by taking advantage of Our Plan Customization Service — it makes customizing plans to your exact needs easy and affordable. We'll present you a fast and efficient Customized Quote with the cost of your desired plan changes. Our Instant Cost-to-Build Reports make it easy to decide which plan fits your budget. You'll have your customized pre-drawn plans in a few days, not the months you have to wait for original plans."
  20. 16ft X 20ft HOUSE   These plans appear to be professionally drawn. They are provided by a religious organization for use by other non-profit organizations. Please note: I include material on my websites which i hope serves my viewers well. The source of the material can come from some organization in which i have no belief or interest. Including this link for example does not imply an agreement on my part with the efforts of this organization. Nor am i trying to promote their beliefs. It is simply a matter of presenting hopefully a very useful set of building plans.

    "Building Houses and Latrines in Baja California Mexico. Hello, I'm David Bower and welcome to Team Casa de Dios. We build houses and latrines for the needy in Mexico. We make several trips a year in the service of God. We can arrange for your group to build a house even if you have no building experience at all! First Pray, then decide if this is for you! We hope the rest of the year will be as fruitful as the first part. A new colonia has opened up next to El Niño called Vista del Valle. Let's pray that we can provide housing and latrines for all in that community! Our Team Casa de Dios, travels to Tijuana Mexico in association with Baja Christian Ministries to build latrines and houses for the poor. This is a great way for your church to get involved in a short term mission. Youth groups, Sunday School Classes or Promise Keepers Accountability Groups can all benefit from this experience."
  21. OUR SMALL CABIN   For those of you wishing to try your hand at building your own small cabin this website has some good information for you. Presented as "A complete 'Do-It-Yourself' guide on how to plan, build and enjoy your small cabin — in simple terms!"

    ►This web site is a collection of personal experience and useful resources I have found when building my own small cabin in the wilderness. It will be useful for people who want to do the same - to build a small cabin on their own - so they will have a quiet retreat or hideaway spot to enjoy their weekend or vacation. We love the outdoors. We had many camping and nature exploration trips, trail hiking, and just short visits to the nature conservation areas and wilderness parks. Building a small cabin in the wilderness was really a natural extension of our outdoor pursuits. When I started to build my small cabin I searched for various bits of information, but could not find a one concise, clear and complete guide on how to build a small cabin or a small cottage using my own skills and resources. This web site aims to be such guide. I do not promote any cabin building kit, material supplier, construction business or service provider, but I will mention particular things I used. I built my small cabin from scratch, using materials easily available from local building material suppliers, and without any special skills or training. But I did my research homework!◄
  22. CUSATO COTTAGES   Very nice website with examples of their small house with plans available from Lowe's. I thought these were finished homes they delivered to your site. But no - it is this: Purchase your plans and Lowe's Katrina Cottage Materials Package, arrange your delivery schedule and start construction.

    "Cusato Cottages, LLC was founded by Marianne Cusato to provide designs for dignified affordable housing, both on the Gulf Coast and throughout the United States. Design makes a difference. MARIANNE CUSATO is an expert in the field of architectural design. Her work focuses on the elements of good design in homes and communities, and how design impacts the quality of our lives and the sustainability of the earth's resources. Cusato leads a team of designers that have partnered with Lowe's in a licensing agreement to sell the plans and material packages for the Lowe's Katrina Cottage Series. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Cusato has a degree in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame and is currently based in New York's Greenwich Village. All plans for the Lowe's Cottages cost $700 and are available online at Lowe's Katrina Cottages are permanent, site built homes. You will need a contractor to build your Lowe's Katrina Cottage. For help locating a contractor in your area visit or Prices to build the cottages can roughly be estimated at +/-$110 a square foot. This price will vary depending on region and the materials you select. You will need to work with your local contractor to determine the exact price to build a cottage in your area."
  23. C3 CABIN   This is a fairly recent offer for a beautiful small cabin plan. To view the C3 cabin go to "main" then click on bottom link for "portfolio" then click on the bottom picture which says "plans". They have pictures and a link where you can go to purchase the plans for this little cabin. This company is located in Seattle, Washington. On this date the plans were $850.00 5-08-09.

    ►The C3 cabin was born out of a desire to reduce and to simplify. Whereas the footprint may be small, this cabin lives large. With only 352 square feet on the main floor and 128 square feet in the loft, it encompasses all the domestic requirements of structures many times larger. The design of this cabin is premised on three goals. First, to provide the required spaces for an extended stay cabin within a minimal footprint. Second, provide a quality of space and abundant natural sunlight. And third, to allow for simplicity of construction and maintenance. The ground floor contains the main living space, kitchen and bath, with doors opening onto three sides the flexibility to connect to multiple outdoor spaces is promoted. The sleeping loft caps both the kitchen and bathroom while remaining open to the living space below. With multiple operable windows both on the ground floor and in the loft, natural cross ventilation is assured. The construction documents consist of eight 24in x 36in sheets.◄
  24. COUNTRY PLANS   This business is located in Langley, Washington. Picture on the right is of their popular "Little House Cabin". For some beautiful pictures of this 16 x 24 Little House Cabin model click here.

    Be sure to visit the "Inexpensive starter Homes, Cabins and Cottages" section.

    ►Design & build your own expandable small home, cottage, cabin, or addition. You can modify our standard plans to fit your site, budget and building style. Our Plans and home design tools will get your home building project moving!"

    "There is one very good lesson I did get out of architecture school. Was it worth five years of college? Probably. Here's the lesson: 'Always work from the general to the specific'. That's it! Start with the broadest questions you can ask and solve those issues first before going on to the next level of detail. For example, fully understand your site — its soil, views and weather patterns before you layout the rooms and long before you decide what siding to use. Work your way down from the most general to the most specific. It's good advice that will keep you from making all kinds of mistakes and omissions.◄
  25. DOME PLANS   Reviewed in Mother Earth News, Canadian Workshop, & other Professional Builder magazines.

    ►Building a geodesic dome has never been easier. Whether you're a professional home builder, a do-it-yourself type or you already own a dome home but would like a matching outbuilding or shop, Professional Dome Plans gives you the tools you'll need to successfully build a geodesic dome. The detailed shop drawings and simple formulas explain it all ▬ every length, every angle, every board. Building a geodesic dome as a do-it-yourself project can be a real challenge. It's difficult to know where to begin even for those with considerable building experience. If you dig deep enough, you can find plenty of information describing the geometry of domes, although most of it is rather technical and theoretical and often lacks the kind of practical hands on advice needed to turn theory into a finished product. This plan book is designed to fill that void by focusing almost entirely on simple, detailed shop drawings that show how geodesic domes are built with virtually no need for higher math. In fact, the only math you'll see in these plans are the 4 basic functions used in a list of formulas for calculating the length of various parts. The underlying geometry describes carbon 60, the third stable form of pure carbon after graphite and diamond called buckminsterfullerene or buckyballs. Its' shape is a 3 frequency (3v) icosahedron which is an industry-standard for dome homes. If that sounds complicated, and I'm pretty sure it does, I guarantee you it doesn’t matter. Understanding the complex geodesic math involved in the design of domes is completely unnecessary when it comes to the actual process of building one. All you'll need are basic woodworking skills and a little patience. With that, you should have little trouble building your own dome.◄
  26. LOG HOME PLANS   Actually this website has many sources for cabin & house plans. This link goes to the Log Cabin Plans for Camp Sites page.

    "The links in this table will take you to a compilation of log home plans contributed by all sponsors. The square feet of living space indicated below does not include decks, basements (unless otherwise indicated), porches or garages. Log Cabin Plans for Camp Sites from 138 to 575 square feet of living space. Over 100 log home plans from North America's leading dealers & designers of log home plans & kits. Each sponsor will gladly prepare custom log home plans. Our sponsors on this site will gladly convert conventional house plans to log home plans."
  27. SHED BUILDING 101   Some nice plans. Nice looking buildings, most small and affordable. Picture on the right is of their "Octagonal Shed Plans".

    ►How to Build Your Own Shed, Cabana, Pool House, Shop, Backyard Studio or Mini Barn and Save a Bundle on Building Costs. Get 41 Great Shed Designs, Complete Construction Plans and Free DIY Building Lessons. For Just $29.00 Today ▬ With a No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee. Do you need a new shed? Now, you can choose from 41 great designs and print all of the building plans, as often as you want, with one easy purchase. And, your cost will be less than single set of shed plans from many other websites. Do you want to save even more on a top quality shed for your backyard? Use the free shed building guides that you'll find here to learn how to build all or any part of your new shed. You'll save a fortune on any work that you can do yourself. Many of the photos shown at right are of sheds built by first-time builders with the help of the plans and instructions that you'll get here. If they could do it, why can't you? Build any of 41 great designs for storage sheds, mini barns, tool sheds, garden sheds, small garages, hobby shops, pool houses, cabanas, backyard studios and home offices with these detailed construction blueprints, free expert do-it-yourself building advice and access to dozens more free shed plans.◄
  28. JUST SHEDS   They have some nice looking buildings here. They are based in Canada. The picture on the right is of their plan # 1141.

    ►Want to know more about building sheds? Have a look at our printable free shed plans and printable free construction guide. See how easy sheds are to build when using our professionally drawn plans. You can also choose to buy from our incredible collection of over 100 regular and designer shed plans. We have many styles including great barn, mini barn, gable end, and saltbox. They have many uses such as a playhouse, a garden shed, tool, woodworking or storage shed. For work or play; all of our shed plans are designed for do-it-yourself building projects, which saves you money. They range in size from 24 to 283 SF. and cost just $14.95 each, which includes shipping and handling. Or get your PLANS BY E-MAIL.◄
  29. STORAGE SHED PLANS   This site sells building plans that you pay to download. The picture on the right is their model C100sk, 12ftX24ft, Cottage Plan.

    "Every shed plan includes two different design levels to fit any budget or taste.
    Deluxe shed plans: Vinyl Siding and Trim.
    Economy shed plans: T1-11 wood siding.
    Shed plans include easy to read building plans, materials list, full size rafter templates, door & window framing details. Every shed plan is ready for instant download. By having the full size rafter template we eliminate the hardest part of building a shed. The rafter template can just be traced on to the rafters which allows for ease cutting. This eliminates trying to learn how to read a framing square.
    These are just some of the ways we have made using our shed plans better:
    Full materials list for both plan options.
    Roof plans.
    Roof rafter plans.
    Full-size rafter cut templates.
    Both wood & concrete foundations shown.
    70 page construction manual via email.
    Door & window framing details which will allow you to adjust there locations and size."
  30. SUMMERWOOD   Yes, Summerwood sells garden shed, pool cabana, workshop, gazebo, garage, storage shed, cabin, home studio plans and more. Picture on the right is a sample model of one of their plans, a home studio called their "10ft Catalina".

    ►Welcome to Summerwood: a place where inside meets outside; where caring and service aren't things of the past; where quality time, quality products, and quality workmanship are equally important. If you're visiting our site, it may be because you're thinking of treating yourself to something special. You're looking to expand your lifestyle. At Summerwood we have endless ways to help you with that idea. Whether you're looking for a practical shed, an elegant gazebo, a beautiful garden house, a rugged cabin, a spacious home studio, an extravagant pool cabana, or a garage, for your toys. . . We have all the options and styles you won't see anywhere else. We hope that you will find Summerwood to be a comfortable place and that you have an opportunity to chat with some of our excellent staff. You'll be hard pressed to find a more professional and courteous bunch. Enjoy!
    Peter Harvey (President & CEO).◄
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