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  1. COUNTRY PLANS BY NATALIE   This lady does have a section featuring small homes under 1000 SF. Lots of plans, most of them for bigger homes. Picture on the right is of her 888 SF (Bottom & Top Floors) "Snuffy Smith Log Cabin Alternate F-648" plan, Yes, based on the home of the famous newspaper cartoon character.

    ►Natalie Howard's stock house plans incorporate functional floor plans and family requirements with emphasis on traffic patterns without loss of aesthetics. While her portfolio contains many styles of houses, her favorite style is the "Country Home". Her collection, Country Plans by Natalie, resembles rural dwellings of yesteryear, found in the southeastern states. She is a Certified Professional Building Designer and a member of the AIBD, the American Institute of Building Design. One Complete Set of Plans includes all floor and foundation plans drawn at 1/4in scale; four elevations; wall section through the house; vanity and kitchen cabinet details; fireplace elevation and details; and any other unusual details that may exist. Plans are printed on 18in X 24in to 30in paper and are Copyrighted Materials and are not to be reproduced. Price of a single set ranges from $150 to $295 US Dollars.◄
  2. HOUSEBUILDING FOR CHILDREN   This book is liked by a lot of people. Please keep in mind that it was published during a period of time when safety standards were not as developed as they are today, so some supervision on the part of you parents would be good. Also, the link here is going to for your buying convenience. I especially like the chapter featuring the 3 year old boy who built a 5000 SF Two-Story home without any help from his parents.

    ►A favorite of kids and parents since the 1970s, Housebuilding for Children offers step-by-step illustrated instructions for building six different houses with a description of the necessary tools and equipment. Youngsters will learn the joy of buying and using their own tools, setting up their own workshop, and building any one of seven wonderful houses. More than 100 black-and-white photographs and 150 illustrations and diagrams teach children and parents how to set up a workshop, get started using basic carpentry tools, and finally building their very own wood-frame house, factory-built house, glass house, post-and-beam house, junkyard house, tree house, and now an A-frame house. This inimitable classic is sure to bring hours of learning and fun to an entirely new generation of parents and children.◄
  3. NDSU FREE PLANS   Here is another free plan source based i think on some very old designs maybe from the 1930's, i am guessing. They are all black & white pencil type sketches like the picture on the right. There is all kinds of plans in here for many useful things. Two different links here, picture link goes to NDSU & starting link goes to ejackson list of plans. A sample of the contents is as follows:

    • 1 Room Tourist Cabin, 10X14+5ft Open Porch, Gable Roof
    • 1 Bdrm Guest House, 18X25+8ft Open Porch ('48)
    • Guest Cabin, 14X20 w/o Kitchen, Insulated, Post Frame
    • Camp House, 15X30, Kitchen, Toilet, Gable Roof, Fireplace
    • 1 Bdrm Cabin, 24X24, Expandable, Closet Detached
    • A-Frame Cabin, 22X24 W/loft, DBL 2X6 Rafters 4ftOC
    • A-Frame Cabin, 22X36 W/Loft, DBL 2X6 Rafters 4ftOC
    • Round House, Click HERE to go to this popular plan

    ►These building and facility plans were developed over many years by engineers at Land Grant universities. They provide conceptual information that is excellent for planning purposes. An abbreviated description of each plan is provided in each category listing of plans. The plans with 4-digit numbers were prepared through the USDA Cooperative Farm Buildings Plan Exchange. The plans with 5-digit numbers were prepared through the Midwest Plan Service - A committee of agricultural engineers from the 12 North Central Midwest Land Grant Universities. The plans with hyphenated numbers were prepared by NDSU Agricultural & Biosystems Engineers. A few plans from the Canadian Plan Service, American Plywood Association, and other sources are included. The date the plan was developed is listed if known.◄
  4. OUTDOOR BUILDING PLANS   Here is a pinterest page loaded with lots of building plans. Included are gazebo, and other rustic garden structures such as bridges, gates, & trellises. Building plans from the following sources:,,,,, Southern Living House Plans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. TINY HOUSE DESIGN   This is a link to the website maintained by Michael Janzen where you can buy his tiny house plans. He has links to his pages: Tiny House Plans, Floor Plans Book, & Free Plans.

    ►Welcome to Tiny House Design. To follow my growing personal interest in tiny houses and living light I decided to start a blog to capture the things I find. I suspect more and more people will catch onto this new/old way of thinking, see how much sense it makes and begin to adopt some if not all of the ideas. In a nutshell, tiny houses give you back freedom in the form of time, money, and peace of mind. Why? How? Simply because they cost less to own, clean, heat, cool, etc. The less money you spend on your home the less you have to earn or the more you keep in the bank. The less time you spend cleaning and maintaining your house the more time you have to for the things you like to do. It is a hard transition for more people to downsize though. Our ego's get tied up in our homes, cars, and possessions. In fact the idea of voluntary poverty (so to speak) is so foreign to most American's that it's no wonder most of us live and work most of our lives to have more stuff. We're just incredibly focused on obtaining and having more stuff it's hard to break free. This blog is simply going to focus on making the mental transition to living lighter and smaller. I'll also post ideas I have for house design, hence the name. I'm not an architect but I am a designer and who knows, maybe someday, when I have enough time, I'll go back and get a Master's in Architecture . . . Just for fun of course. But for now I'll draw tiny pictures of tiny houses and post them online. ◄
  6. EPLANS.COM   Billed as "The Official Home of the Nation's Top House Plans Designers" and if you do a search using their Search Criteria total square footage min and max fields you can find some good plans in the square foot range you desire. It seems most of their plans feature homes above the 1000 SF mark. Picture on the right is plan number: HWEPL69226, a 416 SF tiny home. Take a look at their "Outdoor Project Plans" section for some really neat small home ideas/plans.

    ►ePlans is the #1 source for house plans on the web. With more than 24,000 plans from the nation's top architects and designers, you're sure to find a house plan that's perfect for your new home. Choose from dozens of styles, including Country House Plans, Craftsman House Plans, and more. Or browse our set of Exclusive House Plans, a collection you won't find anywhere else.◄
  7. BLACK & DECKER   OK, This is a one page presentation on how to build this nice simple basic shed. Nice color and you can print the instructions with material list out. It is free to the general public and looks like it is something Black & Decker has had up for quite awhile.

    ►This 8X12ft shed features a simple gable roof, double doors, and side and rear windows for natural lighting. With full-height walls and doors, there's ample room for storing large items or creating a comfortable work space. An optional wood ramp helps in moving lawn mowers and other heavy equipment. The shed's simple construction makes it especially adaptable for different uses. For example, you can easily frame in additional windows—to use the shed as a workshop or potting shed—or omit all of the windows and devote the space entirely to secure storage. The finish materials for the basic shed also are true to its name: Asphalt roof shingles, plywood siding, and simple trim details are appropriately practical for this classic outbuilding design. You can purchase pre-hung doors or build your own using the project plans.◄
  8. CAD NORTHWEST   This is a pretty cool site and has a moderate inventory of small house or cabin plans. Picture on the right is of a 14ft x 20ft Cabin Plan. This 280 SF Cabin with sleeping loft is compact but has all you need. Access to the main floor is provided by a front door from a full width sheltered front porch. A ladder leads to an additional spacious vaulted loft. The open living area is vaulted and includes a complete roomy kitchen. The bath has a full shower. Price: $129.00

    ►Cad Northwest is a computer aided drafting company specializing in "Custom Home Design" which includes New Home Design and Remodel Design. We have been supplying home owners, builders and contractors with design packages that allow building permits, accurate construction bids and efficient construction of projects since 1989. We use modern computer equipment and software to produce design packages that provide many advantages over companies that still use hand drafting. ADULT DIAPERS Cad Northwest is located near Portland, Oregon. Cad Northwest creates custom designed home plans, remodel plans, and has a continually growing collection of stock plans. We are able to show the customer preliminary drawings, 3D drawings of the interior and exterior, simulate a walk-thru of the home as though it were finished, and provide construction drawings that guide the building process. Cad Northwest uses modern computer graphic software and up to date lightning fast computer equipment to create house plans. This offers cost and time savings while providing the best quality drafting possible. We are able to accept input in any form from a pencil sketch on a paper napkin to computer files from various applications. We design for National Codes (the Uniform Building Code, and the CABO code) and local codes. Professional plans are required in most locations in order to build a new house or remodel an existing house. Plans are a way to document the owners ideas so that every one will understand what the house will be like when finished. It is much better to make changes to the plan than have to change the structure after construction has started. Most areas require a building permit which requires a professional inspection of the plans to check for local and National code compliance. When evaluating contractors it is an advantage to show each one the same construction drawings to get the most competitive accurate cost estimates. The contractor needs construction drawings to perform the work. Cad Northwest is located in Sherwood, Oregon a small suburb of the Portland Vancouver area. We have provided plans for hundreds of customers in this area and thousands around the country.◄
  9. PALLADIO'S ESCAPE COTTAGE PLAN   This is an E-Book in PDF form for sale at $49.00 each. Featuring a cool unique looking small cottage - see picture on right of unfinished unit for display. Also available complete construction of cottage by Ricky Newcomer on the lot or acreage of your choice.

    ►Palladio's Escape is the perfect starter for one or two people. At 412 SF and measuring 18ft wide x 26ft deep, it's plan provides all of the functionality for daily living.

    It includes a full kitchen with two storage pantries and an eating bar - a living area with space for a sleeper sofa, two end tables, a chair and bookshelves - a full size washer and dryer set - a large bathroom with two linen cabinets - two clothes closets - and a cozy sleeping loft with enough room for a double bed, two night stands and a chest-of-drawers. Palladio's symmetrical exterior form make it ideal for manageable prefabricated parts of repeatable size and detail - four appendages around a center two story main. With it's interesting geometrical shapes and good historical proportions it's a worthy basic structure for one's own custom finishing style. It would be appropriate in any region and location whether in the mountains, on rural land, at the beach or lake, an infill urban lot or in the back yard. It's exterior materials could be tin, stucco, siding or shingles. The interior finishes could be drywall, plywood, paneling, new or even salvaged boards for a studio or cottage feel. All of Palladio's ceilings are vaulted with it's loft walls having huge arches to open it's interior for light, views and drama. Palladio's plumbing layout is extremely efficient. The recommended mechanical systems are two thru-wall air conditioners (one at the rear loft gable and one at the rear bathroom gable), two thru-wall space heaters (one in the living area and one in the bathroom), and a tank-less water heater. Ground mounted solar panels would be an ideal option as well.◄
  10. EASY CABIN PLANS   This guy on eBay has some plans for small cabins. They look pretty good. eBay has a plans section located here: Home & Garden > Home Improvement > Building & Hardware > Plans, Blueprints & Guides.

    ►Welcome to Easy Cabin Plans. Where you'll find what you need to build your cabin! We are your one stop shop for detailed cabin plans and designs at bargain prices. Add my Store to your Favorites and receive my email newsletters about new items and special promotions! My "Instruction Guide" $19.99 plus S&H is a "Must Have" for anyone who would like to build his or her own Cabin or Home. I have been in the industry for over 35 years and have put my experience to work for you. The information you will receive will enable you to build your own cabin or home even if you have no prior building experience. Easy to read, understand and follow instructions. From site preparation to ready to use, my Instruction Guide is filled with simple illustrations, tips and hints all written in layman's terms (no technical lingo), which makes it easy for anyone to use. If you can read a measuring tape then you can build one yourself. We will cover complete details on Site Preparation, Foundation, Sub floor, Wall Layout, Window and Door Components, Build Trusses, Roof Sheathing, Fascia & Soffitt, Window and Door Installation, Step Assembly and more. All with easy 1,2,3 instructions and full color illustrations. I have sold hundreds of my Mountain Mansion Plans Package, which have all included this instruction guide. Now for the first time I am making this Great Guide available for those who want to learn to build or improve their techniques. So whether you are a first time novice or an experienced builder you will love this book. I am so sure that you will be more than satisfied with this Building Guide that I am offering a "100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE".◄
  11. THE COTTAGE LIFE BUNKIE   Some of you will like this a lot. It's an offer to sell plans ($24.95) to build a very small compact guest cabin with a handy sleeping loft. It resembles the Tumble Weed Tiny House except no wheels.

    ►For all the cottagers who want to build their own, Wayne has put the finishing touches on the plans and they are now available! The 17-page package includes a complete materials and cutting list, three options for the main floor layout, and tips for keeping your costs down. The Ontario Canada Building Code (OBC) requires a building permit for any structure with floor space greater than 10 square metres (108 SF). This bunkie was designed with that stricture in mind: At 8ft by 13ft-6in, it is exactly 108 SF and therefore, in most jurisdictions, does not need that particular permit. These plans are brand new and developed exclusively for Complete plans will be e-mailed to you as a full-colour PDF (allow 2 days for delivery, 17 pages; 2.0 MB)." You can order your Bunkie Plans on their website.◄
  12. PROTON DOME   Can you say "Dodecagon"? If you can then you are allowed to visit this interesting website. The Proton Dome is designed to allow anyone who can handle a basic set of tools to build a sturdy, classic home. Doing most of the construction yourself will minimize your expenses. Offered is a set of plans for a very reasonable price of $25.00.

    ►The design of your new Proton Dome is based on a twelve sided mathematical figure called a Dodecagon - (doe-decka-gon). All of its sides are equal, and each side is parallel to the opposite side. We have used this shape for the walls to give you a feeling of space not found in conventional buildings. For instance, the living and dining areas of the Proton Dome have a combined wall space of thirty feet on the outside walls. The kitchen has twenty feet, and the master bedroom, thirty feet. The construction of the "dome" itself is a metal hemisphere. The twelve sections that make up the outside walls are constructed from standard sized lumber and building materials. All sections (the outside walls) can be built and stored in a garage, or any area 6 x 12 feet, until ready for erecting on your foundation. The Proton Dome is designed to allow anyone who can handle a basic set of tools to build a sturdy, classic home. Doing most of the construction yourself will minimize your expenses. The walls, doors and window openings are framed according to the blue prints. Keep in mind, your doors and windows can be fitted to the appropriate place in each section, then removed to erect. It will then be simple to place your doors and windows in the spaces you've already fitted in your erected walls. The floor plan: First floor - living room, dining room, kitchen, 4 pc. bathroom, utility room, and den - Second floor - three bedrooms and a 4-pc bathroom.◄
  13. BAJA CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES   Click on the picture at the right to visit their free online 10ft x 12ft Casita House in PDF form. These plans appear to be professionally drawn. They are provided by a religious organization for use by other non-profit organizations. Please note: I include material on my websites which i hope serves my viewers well. The source of the material can come from some organization in which i have no belief or interest. Including this link for example does not imply an agreement on my part with the efforts of this organization. Nor am i trying to promote their beliefs. It is simply a matter of presenting hopefully a very useful set of building plans.

    ►Building Houses and Latrines in Baja California Mexico. Hello, I'm David Bower and welcome to Team Casa de Dios. We build houses and latrines for the needy in Mexico. We make several trips a year in the service of God. We can arrange for your group to build a house even if you have no building experience at all! First Pray, then decide if this is for you! We hope the rest of the year will be as fruitful as the first part. A new colonia has opened up next to El Niño called Vista del Valle. Let's pray that we can provide housing and latrines for all in that community! Our Team Casa de Dios, travels to Tijuana Mexico in association with Baja Christian Ministries to build latrines and houses for the poor. This is a great way for your church to get involved in a short term mission. Youth groups, Sunday School Classes or Promise Keepers Accountability Groups can all benefit from this experience.◄
  14. EBAY   Of course you know that people sell anything on eBay including home or cabin building plans. Picture on the right is of a "Solar Cabin". The main listing category is in:

    Home & Garden > Tools & Home Improvement > Building & Hardware > Plans, Blueprints & Guides. Some sellers on eBay are excellent people and completely trustworthy. A sample listing would look like the following example:

    ►This auction is for a set of shed plans (barn style roof) as seen in the picture, this set of plans are for the following size (12ft X 20ft), these plans are very user friendly, easy to understand, They include all directions and instructions. The winner of this auction will get the following with these plans:

    • Materials list
    • Complete cut list
    • Instructions & drawings
    • Cut out templates for truss rafters

    I am starting this auction out at only $3.99 with NO RESERVE, but I do offer a Buy It Now price of just $4.44, in case you need them right away and can't wait until the end of the auction, either way, you are getting a terrific deal. Your order will be shipped out within one business day via Priority Mail, Also I do not charge any handling or any hidden charges, Priority Mail shipping thru the post office is $4.20 and that is amount what I charge. Thanks for looking and good luck with the bidding.◄
  15. SHEDKING   This website seems to be pretty good and the man offers a lot of good instructional material for the untutored first time builder. His price for shed plans are quite reasonable in my opinion. The site is also heavily monetized. But i guess we all want to make money.

    ►My name is John Shank, and I am the shedmaster of I built sheds professionally for one of the largest national shed building companies in the US and learned a lot of neat tips and tricks of shed building that I want to share with you in my shed building guides. It is my sincere hope that if you order one of my sets of shed plans, which I am in the process of adding more, that you find them easy to understand and get you on your way to building a neat shed for any of your storage needs. You will like my shed plans because they are easy for you to read, understand, and follow. It won't cost you an arm or leg either to download my plans. At the present time you can download for just $5.95 each. I have written and designed them with the weekend builder in mind. Someone that has some building skills and someone available to help them build their storage shed. My shed plans include complete building instructions, material lists, and full page views for each building phase making your shed building project as easy as possible, and the plans are in the PDF format. You can easily modify the plans if you want to build a bigger or smaller shed. No matter what the purpose or need, these shed plans will help you build a nice durable shed that can be used as a storage shed, garden shed, tractor shed, potting shed, etc. I believe in building sheds with a sturdy and long lasting floor and foundation, and you'll learn exactly how to build your shed that way too with my shed plans. Thanks!◄
  16. MINI-CABIN PLANS   This is a neat little item. This is a website selling a plan for building a very low cost mini-cabin.

    ►If you're looking for a simple tiny house that you can build yourself you might find the Mini-Cabin to be the right idea. It's a 120 square foot cabin constructed from 9 separate panels that are easily built off-site and assembled at the building site. The plans cost about $20 (plans + shipping cost) and it's estimated that it can be build with a $2000 budget for materials. Build this mini-cabin using panelized construction for less than $2000! This mini-cabin has a 12ft x 10ft foundation (approximately 120 square feet of floor space) and is designed for the walls to be built as 9 separate panels. This allows much of the construction to be done off-site, allowing rapid final assembly at your desired location. Plans for this mini-cabin are supplied on detailed 11in x 17in pages, specifying the basic materials required, layout sheets for cutting material, a construction page for each panel, and final assembly instructions for the do-it-yourselfer.◄
  17. THE $1000 CABIN   This is an old plan from the Mother Earth News that might help some people.

    ►Here it is: an attractive, super-low-cost (yet extremely durable) "wilderness cabin" that:

    1. Meets all U.S. Forest Service building requirements.
    2. Sleeps five people comfortably, and
    3. Can — as Lester E. Harris Jr., demonstrates above — be erected in less than a week!
    I'm pleased to report that we were able to solve our housing problem—and meet our design objectives—quite nicely with the aid of a 16ft X 24ft "modified A-frame" cabin . . . One that we built in just five daylight-to-dark workdays at a cost of only $1,000. Those are 1971 dollars. Today, the same dwelling would cost about $1,800 to build as indicated in the following bill of materials. Lester E. Harris Jr • Mother Earth News • March/April 1977.◄
  18. U-BILD   They have a number of plans you might be interested in. They also sell many plans for items that can be used to furnish or complete your shed or cabin - accessory items like benches, bookcases, storage cabinets or bird feeders, etc. The picture on the right is of their Utility Building (Plan No. 713).

    1. Cochise Cabin (Plan No. 620)
    2. Utility Building (Plan No. 713)
    3. Vacation & Hideaway Home Plans (No. A50)
    4. Storage Shed (Plan No. 250)
    5. Rigid Frame Cabin (Plan No. 370)
    6. A-Frame Cabin (Plan No. 381)
    7. Little Red Barn (Plan No. 461)

    ►America's favorite woodworking plans since 1948, U-Bild plans are ideal for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers of all skill levels. Their unique "trace, saw and assemble" designs feature simple-to-follow patterns (like sewing patterns) that allow even beginners to achieve professional results. Each plan features detailed step-by-step instructions, full-size traceable patterns (where needed), in-progress photos, exploded diagrams and complete materials lists and cutting schedules.◄
  19. BACKROAD HOME & OUTBUILDING PLANS   They have some really nice small cabin designs and unique also.

    ►Improve your property with one of these simple, useful buildings. Scroll down to see pole-barns, sheds, cabins, tractor barns, workshops, home offices, cottages, coach houses and live-ins. Order your blueprints directly from the architect or designer of your favorite building. Click on any drawing for complete information and a floor plan. Plans are suitable for submitting to your local building dept. Picture on the right is of their "Yukon" 256 SF Cabin.◄
  20. STILES DESIGNS   Looks like a good source for smaller sized shed and cabin building projects. No big homes or barns. Nice website.

    ►BOOKS Signed By Authors. Projects You Can Build. Stiles Designs offers a variety of books that will easily guide you through the entire process of building your Cabins, Rustic Retreats, Tree Houses, Playhouses, Sheds or Fun Projects. Each book includes an introduction, materials list, general information, table of contents, and detailed instructions and illustrations for each building project. All books and plans come with a complete money back guarantee! David Stiles: Graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Industrial Design, taught architectural rendering at Pratt Institute, and has forty years experience designing and building treehouses. He was awarded best playground design by the NYC Planning Commission. His treehouse design was featured in Architectural Digest, June 2007. David and Jeanie Stiles: Have written 23 books on DIY construction, including five books on treehouses. They have appeared on numerous TV shows including the NBC Today Show and Discovery Channel, building treehouses.◄
  21. TODAYS PLANS   This particular site is confusing to me - it looks good - i just do not know if it is a mixture of free and paid (fee) plans or what. But it has what looks like some good stuff so i include it here.

    ►On the right is a 12ftx18ft Cabin Plan. This tiny cabin is packed with features. This pretty little cabin is perfect for your use as a backwoods getaway, a hunting or fishing lodge, a backyard office, studio or guest cottage, or as a free-standing apartment for teenagers or caretakers. Downstairs, there is one big all-purpose room, a galley kitchen and a small bathroom. There's a ladder up to a big storage or sleeping loft. A shady front porch extends the space to the outdoors. The free thirty-five page plan set includes scaled plans, exterior elevations, framing diagrams, construction details and a list of the materials that you'll need.

    Find your new small home, cabin, cottage, garage, barn, workshop, shed, playhouse, deck, gazebo, greenhouse, pergola or woodwork project right here. You'll discover some of North America's best free plans, professional architects', engineers' and contractors' blueprints, prefabricated structures, do-it-yourself design software, DIY kits, how-to advice and free woodwork patterns.◄
  22. SHELDON DESIGNS   They sell House Plans, Cabin Plans, Cottage Plans, Barn Plans, Shed Plans, & More. You can download their latest catalog.

    ►Welcome! My name is Andy Sheldon. I am an architect and have been designing small houses and farm buildings for over 25 years. My mission at SHELDON DESIGNS is to provide you with beautiful, economical, easy-to-build designs with complete blueprints at reasonable prices. This catalog contains some of my favorite small buildings. Each design that I offer specifies standard building materials readily available at any lumber yard. When we receive your order, we will make every effort to process and ship within forty-eight hours. You should receive your detailed blueprints in approximately seven to ten days and your credit card will not be charged nor your check deposited until your plans are shipped. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are dissatisfied in any way, you may return the order within 30 days for a full refund or exchange the plans for another design. If you have questions or need assistance, give us a call and we will try to help. Any design can be modified to your particular needs. If you don't find exactly what you want, just drop me a note with your requirements, and maybe I can help.◄
  23. PERFECT HOME PLANS   The picture on the right is of their model called "Country Cottage 2 House Plan". It is 36ftx40ft for a total of 864 SF. It is Plan Number: JAA-JAA-6645.

    "Small can be beautiful as well as functional. This two bedroom cottage proves that. Deluxe features, include high stepped ceilings in the great room and spacious bedroom. There is an eat-in kitchen and front and rear porches. Both the great room and bedroom have front and rear exposures." ►Don't waste your time searching thousands of home plans that have never been built. We have limited this website,, to our top plans and new plans only. These plans have been built in virtually every state and many countries worldwide. Our designs reflect 30 years of refinement of the:
    Axelrod design philosophy - centering on the 3 F's: Functional, Flawless, and Furnishable floor plans with great visual appeal in a variety of exterior styles. Our designs are easy to build, do not waste space, are fabulously zoned, and carefully studied so that they furnish easily. Search for your dream home and know that each has been designed with your dream in mind.◄
  24. A BETTER PLAN   This website is chuck full of plan offerings. Hopefully it is a good honest deal. In my opinion nothing wrong with trying to make an honest dollar; so i am including this here as a hopefully good source of building plans which include small structures. Picture on the right is of a plan called Project Number: 90020. Order Code: 02WEB from Family Home Plans.

    "Build the perfect new storage shed, tool shed, lawn tractor garage, garden shed, playhouse, cabana, greenhouse, pool house or small barn in your backyard. Compare hundreds of designs, plans, building kits and pre-built sheds from top US and Canadian designers and manufacturers. Build yours from do-it-yourself blueprints, put together an easy-to-assemble kit, or have a great shed delivered right to your yard. Scroll down this page and you'll even discover a great selection of free shed plans."
  25. SONOMA SHANTY   This is a pretty nice deal for those wanting something low cost and customizable.

    ►The Sonoma Shanty is about a tiny structure with multiple uses; 120 square foot, 8ft x 15ft simple structure, designed for a tiny house, studio, home office, shop or shed. Everything you need including a cut list, a shopping list that you can take to your local Home Depot and Lowes. Build the basic shell for as little as $1295 plus your labor . . . The goal was to design a small structure that is affordable with a size and shape that could be used in many ways. The Sonoma Shanty can be built as a shed, shop, gallery, studio or tiny house. The plans are very detailed, to the point that you can take them in and hand them to a Home Depot worker and he/she can go and pull everything you need to build the basic structure. This site was designed to show you what can be done with the Sonoma Shanty and as people finish building their shanties, I want to request pictures of their completed projects to post here to inspire others to build their own.◄
  26. EARTHBAG HOUSE PLANS   Just received this updated site for those of you interested in buying Earthbag Home Building Plans. A supplier of "Small, Affordable, Sustainable Earthbag House Plans". If you are interested in some very different type home plans they have a lot of unusual and unique plans here - some free in the PDF form and some for sale where you have to pay and send an email to get the plan from them, or something like that. But, some really cool stuff here in quite a variety.

    ►Hello and thanks for visiting my site. A lot has happened in the past 5 months, as you can see. There are now 100 plans for your viewing pleasure. The next step is to complete the elevation drawings, of which about 50 have been finished so far. If you are wondering where to purchase these plans, most of my plans are available through: I added a new page on Building Details to better explain my plans and ideas. Hope this helps. And be sure to also read the Introduction to learn how you can build these plans for around $10/SF (materials only) if you do the work yourself. All home plans use natural building materials such as earthbags, earth plaster, earth floors, recycled materials, lava rock (scoria) and rice hulls to keep costs to a minimum and reduce our impact on the environment.◄
  27. THE SIMPLE LIFE BUNGALOW   Here's plans for a 336 SF cabin or bungalow as they call it.

    Times have changed. Small is not only becoming necessary, but also sensible, beautiful and liberating. The concept of "The Simple Life Bungalow" isn't for everyone but it can be for:

    • People of age wishing to have an independent life in a home of their own that can be built so cost effectively, that a mortgage won't be needed.
    • Young single people who wish to do other things with their money than feed a mortgage.
    • People desiring a guest house or ►Mother-In-Law◄ quarters on their property.
    • Families wanting a small and highly desirable rental property.
    • Those in need of a weekend retreat.
    • Bungalow built by my Grandfather for my mother.

    ►The Simple Life Bungalow is a beautiful option because it is small, elegant and contains everything a person needs for a complete life. Because of its size it is affordable, extremely energy efficient and relatively easy to build. The classic Craftsman style is the ultimate in comfort and livability. The Simple Life Bungalow's size makes it possible to utilize the highest grade of building materials for low maintenance responsibilities and pride of ownership. When you purchase our plans we send you more than blueprints. We include a list of materials and step by step instructions in narrative form that will guide you through the process. Remember, although there are almost as many steps in the process of building a very small house as a large one, they are small steps. Each step is manageable and can be accomplished in a relatively short time. Thus, the great thing about the process is that you can take your time and give the work the attention and quality that will make you proud of your results. Some of the processes might be of a nature that you will want to hire the work done such as plumbing, electrical, stone work or roofing. These or any other aspects of the construction can be easily let to a craftsman.◄
  28. WOODWORKERS WORKSHOP   This plans business has a fair amount of Free & Fee plans available. You'll have to kind of click around his links to find different stuff. It is kind of confusing to me, but that's all right - i don't mind, you might. Picture on the right is of their "12 FT Wide Outdoor Cabin with Loft construction plans".

    ►The Internets Original and Largest free woodworking plans and projects links database. Free Access. Updated daily, there is a lot to offer. Below you will find categories and links to woodworking resources across the Internet. If this is your first time visiting, please visit the About this site link in the navigation menu. Your Free Woodworking Plans and Projects Search Engine. Top searches include free woodworking plans for child’s picnic table, wood picnic table, and bench picnic table, squirrel feeder, octagon picnic tables plans, free pedestal picnic table, folding picnic tables, picnic pavilion, picnic shelter, picnic table plans, & free picnic table plans.◄
  29. DIALECT DESIGN   Most of you know that my website emphasizes smaller homes under 1000 SF of living space. The smallest design this business has is 1000 SF and it is called P.1. However, if you would like a smaller version of any of their designs - you might ask them for a scaled down version and see if they can give you a more compact model.

    360container logo ►Welcome to Dialect Design's modern house plans. At Dialect Design we believe that modernity must be more than skin deep. We design with the focus on quality. When viewing our modern and contemporary home plans look for - flexible zones that adapt to different life styles - semi-translucent walls that transform a garage into a Japanese lantern - sliding partitions - juxtaposing spaces - separate entries and autonomous kitchenettes - roof terraces that offer views of a city skyline or a countryside - spaces that blur the line between the inside to the outside. If you have the need for specific qualities that you miss in our European style house plans, please visit our “commission a design◄ page or drop us a line.◄
  30. SIMPLEHOME   This website has some pretty cool designs and a small inventory of small home plans. I have emailed them asking if they are still in business selling their plans online. When and if they respond i will let you know. This website lacks a mailing or physical address and a phone number. Picture on the right is of their Cabinette Model (one bedroom cabin).

    ►Simplehome was founded in 1997 by two corporate architects looking for a creative outlet in which to explore new ideas about the single family residence and alternative ways to make good design affordable. Our large project experience gives us a different perspective on the problems of the single family house and the construction process. The plans on the web site represent continued research of both past trends in housing and current design and construction technology. We bring 30 years and millions of square feet of combined experience in commercial and residential architecture to every project, but the design of houses is our passion. What if someone were to show you some house plans that responded to the needs of your life? Even helped you to choose a plan that could grow with your family, helped you orient it to take advantage of the natural features of your land and gave you advice on how to finish it in creative and sustainable ways. Would you be interested? Simplehome: Providing well designed house plans optimized for resource and energy efficiency that will support and inspire your life. If you like what you've read so far, drop us a line, explore the site and see our plans. Who knows, you may find your Simplehome.◄

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