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  1. HOW TO BUILD A SHED (12 Sep 17) This plan is taken from the Mother Earth News magazine (1993). I have not looked at the article clear through so i hope it gives adequate instructions. Picture on the right is of the finished shed.

    ►Build a backyard shed to hold garden supplies, sports equipment, and all those other things that need a storage home. The storage shed is a few inches short of 16ft long, 8ft high and deep. It's designed for mistake-proof construction, using economical, standard-size materials. Unlike many backyard sheds, it's made to last, with ground-facing floor beams of pressure-treated (PT) lumber to resist decay and insect damage, and a frame more closely spaced than you'll find in many new homes. The siding is T-1-11 plywood, which is weather-proofed and grooved on one side to simulate barn boards.◄
  2. DAVID WRIGHT ARCHITECT (20 Jul 17) This looks like a quality outfit. Picture on the right is of their Dulmage Residence in Nevada City, California. These folks can design small cabins for you, not free though.

    ►Today, plans to build a house take hundreds of hours to prepare, countless sheets of drawings, expensive engineering and careful detailing to meet the stringent building codes and engineering criteria of our various regions. Our plans comply with the country’s most demanding building code, because of earthquake, wind and snow load engineering, the California Building Code. For an architect to create a new design and set of working drawings, you would normally pay roughly $15 per square foot for a complete set of plans. All of our plans are designed and specified to be constructed using structural insulated panels (SIPs), but they can also be built using well insulated standard, or "super," wood framing if you desire. The fact is that, priced as they are, the plans in our house and cabin portfolio are a very good deal. School Supplies You receive complete CAD file drawings of custom titled, complete and ready to go plans that do not require redrawing as most catalog purchased plans do. Even hiring a drafts person to produce a set of complete working drawings for you will cost more than our competitive rates. The plans need to be reviewed by an engineer for your specific climate and structural load conditions. Our designs may be stronger than needed in your location, and often the structural member sizes can be reduced, saving cost and helping to pay for the local engineering recheck. When you purchase our pre-designed house or cabin plans, you and your builder will be pleased with the quality, clearness and completeness of the drawings. We also include the electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans as well as the specifications. You get a complete set of working drawings that will satisfy your building department and your contractor. Your building department will require site specific structural calculations and may require energy compliance for a building permit. We can provide these at minimal cost in California. In other states you will need to have a locally licensed architect or engineer review, approve and stamp the working drawings, provide calculations and fill out forms as required. Sheet #2 of our working drawing package is reserved for a site plan. This must be provided by a locally licensed architect or engineer to show the location, sewage system, water system, setbacks, and other site specifics required in your building jurisdiction. We continually update the plans to comply with the latest building codes and regulations which change frequently. We improve the designs and details to keep them cost efficient and easy to build. We have a library of variations on individual designs that we have done for customers over the years, so if you request a plan to be modified to suit your specific needs we may already have a plan variation that works for you.◄
  3. ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS (12 May 17) This plan business does have an inventory of small homes under 1000SF. Picture on the right is of their 400SF model called: "Weekend Get-A-Way" Plan #5193MM.

    ►Architectural Designs has been selling quality pre-drawn house plans (and garage plans too!) for over 40 years. We offer home plans from over 200 architects and residential building designers across North America and beyond. We add to our portfolio on a daily basis. Plans come in all shapes, sizes and architectural styles and are suitable for all budgets. We offer everything from small starter homes to one-of-a-kind luxury homes. Any of our plans can be modified to suit your needs. We offer an exclusive cost estimating service called a QuikQuote, a report which tells you how much it costs to build a specific plan in a specific zip or postal code anywhere in North America. The report is prepared by our seasoned staff, and breaks down the costs into major categories. As an added bonus, the QuikQuote gives you the ability to adjust the settings of the home to incorporate changes you plan to make - at no additional cost - once you get it. The report comes by email and comes with access to the online tool used to create it so you can modify it to match changes you want to make to the plan. The plans in our curated portfolio come from licensed designers and architects. All plans we offer were created to meet the IRC at the time they were drawn. Architectural Designs is privately owned by Joel and Jon Davis and has been in business for over 40 years.◄
  4. STRAW BALE HOUSE PLANS   This is an interesting website in my opinion, it consists of many plans i think all are shown as a floor plan and if you want further information you can email: strawhouses [AT} The owner probably will charge a fee for a full set of plans i imagine. I think this is really a great site with lots of unique designs. But, i suspect that the site is not used very much unfortunately and so in spite of that you might get some use from it. Picture on the right is of the floor plan of the 622 SF interior - plus 273 SF loft, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, Footprint: 25ft x 35.5ft "Solar Cabin".

    ►The purpose of this non-commercial site is to network with those who are interested in strawbale building and spark a dialogue about strawbale house designs. This innovative building method is exploding in popularity and there is enormous potential to provide affordable homes for all of humanity, all without damaging our environment. This site is about unique small house plans, small home plans, floor plans, custom plans, architecture, small house designs, building green eco-friendly homes, sustainable building, blueprints for affordable homes — all built with straw bales. All styles are included: Country, cottage, bungalow, traditional, modern (contemporary), mountain, beach, cabins and other popular styles. Emergency shelter plans are free. For those not familiar with straw-bale construction, please check out my companion site at◄
  5. THOREAU CABIN PLAN UNDER $1000   I like this Thoreau Cabin plan a lot. It is so simple and would be a great first time project for someone wanting to build a small housing unit like 10 X 16ft. And if you are on section 8 it gets even better, you'll have all the room you need as long as you are a single person, with no pets, children, relatives, or friends.

    Amazon Prime TV » In 1845 at the age of 28 Thoreau traveled to Walden Pond, Massachusetts where he built a simple cabin and began writing the works that inspired Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and millions of people. Thoreau built his cabin from recycled and hand cut materials for $28.12. It was 10 feet by 15 feet and he described the interior in his book "Walden" as having a fireplace, table, desk, bed and 3 chairs. I have attempted to follow the dimensions of the Thoreau cabin however because conventional lumber is not sold in 15 foot lengths I have opted to make the cabin 10x16 which would eliminate waste from cutting off excess lumber and is keeping with the spirit Thoreau exemplified. I don't think he would mind. The cabin can be built for under $1000 based on US prices for lumber at large home supply stores. That price does not include windows, door, insulation or interior furnishings. In place of a brick fireplace I have recommended a recycled steel barrel stove and stove kit from Vogelzang that would be more efficient. «
  6. DREAM HOME SOURCE   This business is located in Tucson, Arizona. This house plan service has in it's inventory everything from small homes under 1000 SF up to large mansions: Probably thousands of different home plans. Picture on the right is of their very beautiful 300 SF, 1 bedroom, English Cottage House.

    » offers the best collection of top designer house plans, home plans, floor plans, and garage plans. Welcome to Dream Home Source, your online source for the best home plans on the Web. Constantly updated with new plans and resources to help you achieve your dreams, this site is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use source for home plans on the Web. At Dream Home Source, you can customize your search options to find precisely the home you are looking for, or browse the site if you're not exactly sure what you want. Consult our Library section for valuable advice and information to help you build your dream home - everything from articles to forms to help you stay organized during the home building process. Once you've found the home of your dreams, you can make your purchase online through our secure checkout process or through our call center at 1-800-447-0027. If you have questions at any time, e-mail us at or call us at 1-800-447-0027 to speak to an expert plan representative. «
  7. THE UT EXTENSION PLAN FILE   Here is a well organized list of free plans for many different projects including housing for humans from the University of Tennessee Extension. Picture on the right is of their "16ft x 20ft Wood Frame Cabin". What you see is what you get.

    » The University of Tennessee Extension maintains a collection of over 300 building and equipment plans, and all are now available in electronic format for download. The plans are primarily intended for use in Tennessee, but many are appropriate for other locations as well. The plans came from many sources. Interesting Finds On Amazon Some were developed in The University of Tennessee Extension Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Department, but most were developed in a cooperative effort with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Farm Building Plan Exchange. The Plan Exchange no longer exists, but the plans remain on file and are available. This list was prepared to assist you in obtaining plans from The University of Tennessee Extension. Although many of the plans are for agricultural structures, a wide variety of building and equipment plans is available. The plans are arranged by subject to help you locate the plan(s) in which you are most interested. The plan number (Plan No.) for each plan is given in the first column. The second column shows the number of sheets (No. Pages) in each plan so you can insure any plans you review or print are complete. A brief description (Plan Description) is given. Plans are difficult to describe with just a few words, but the description should help you further narrow your choices. «
  8. STRAW BALE HOUSE PLANS   If you are interested in building your home using straw bales as the insulator, then this site should be quite helpful. There are at least 28 plans available here for you. This is an interesting site in my opinion.

    360mobileoffice logo My primary purpose in putting up this site is to introduce my straw bale house plans. The scroll bar on the right lists plans by size in square feet (inside). Click a link to see plan views (or elevations) of concept houses. Most of these plans can be built with more than one roof design . . . Thus very different elevations are possible and may be shown. Notice that the average size of these plans (about 1000 SF inside) is small by North American standards. My initial interest was in designing small, efficient, Straw Bale houses that are easy to build (owner/builder friendly), do not require a mortgage (pay as you go), are expandable (as you have the money), and are fun to build and live in. Some of my early designs met these standards, others did not. Now I am spending more time designing larger houses for people who want their dream home. An underlying assumption is that as world population increases, as man and nature continue to destroy existing homes, and as resources are depleted, demand will increase for small (and larger) low cost, energy efficient housing . . . And that many of you out there will want my plans and my design services. Most of these plans are conventional in that they include the rooms and spaces normally associated with western housing, (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, areas for laundry and utilities, etc). When planning for alternative lifestyles, these spaces can be used for other functions without substantially altering the plan. Areas designated for washer/dryer, utilities, or bathrooms, for example, can also be used for storage or closets, always in demand. Because the plans are small, public areas (living, dining, kitchen), are often combined in an open plan, or share space.◄
  9. PIN-UP HOUSES   Here is a plan company which uses the old fashioned pin-up lady as the theme for the cabin plan service. They have a very nice series of products. They have plans for Cabins, Sheds, Tiny Houses, Cottages, & Playhouses.

    » Hello, my name is Joshua Woodsman. I've lived in a cabin, off and on, for most of my life. I love the simplicity and convenience of the cottage lifestyle. One can be close to nature while enjoying the comforts of home. This is the reason why I've developed this project. By purchasing my plans, not only will you create a practical space, but you'll also help me realize this vision. As a recent graduate with a Master of Architecture, I spent several semesters at the Czech Technical university, Department of Architecture, in Prague, the Czech Republic, a country with a long passionate history for cottage living. Together with a growing team of like-minded designers, engineeers and architects, we continue to spread our tiny-house movement around the world. ~Joshua Woodsman «
  10. THE PLAN COLLECTION   This plan company seems to have a full range of home plans which extend from smaller under 1000 SF homes up to 5000 SF homes. Picture on the right is of their 582 SF 2 story house plan #160-1020.

    Deal Of The Day ►Driven by the simple idea that great house design should be affordable and readily accessible to everyone, the founders have spent over 40 years dedicated to delivering on that vision. From the days of printed house plan books to PCs, the Internet, social media and now tablets – we have constantly strived to provide our users with a better, more convenient and more valuable experience. We hope you agree. In the 1970s, we offered our first black and white house plan books – effectively catalogs highlighting perhaps 100 or so of the best pre-drawn house plans we could find. With the widespread popularity of the PC, we tested a CD-ROM house plan catalog with mixed success. With the Internet platform as the backbone, we are now able to provide access to far more quality home plans than ever before. Even better, we can enable users to screen and search for house plans that meet their specific needs and desires. And once a user finds a plan, he has access to far more information about it than could ever be provided in a printed book! At The Plan Collection, we continue to look for new and creative ways to interact with our users and to provide access to and information about house plans – through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or via tablets like the iPad. Despite our relentless focus on innovation and offering high quality house plans to prospective home plan buyers, one thing has remained a constant for the last 40 years – the focus on you, the customer.◄
  11. MPOD CORE MODULAR HOUSE PLANS   These plans are for a true modular system. You can use the basic module in multiples to create any size home you like. At the time of this listing the price was $77.00 for the basic unit plans, and for a little lower price you can buy plans for add-on structures. Picture in the right is of the basic MPOD unit. ►The MPOD is a unique living space. Designed as a modular structure, it can be repeated over and over to create your perfect home. With super efficient framing techniques, the MPOD is highly-insulated, reducing the heating and overall build costs. A single MPOD unit can be used as an extra living space to create a retreat, guest bedroom, home studio, gaming room . . . The list goes on. When combined the MPOD can be used to create a house ranging in size from the very small to the large. It's modular framing structure allows you to replicate the single unit shell to create the home you need. Combined with the add-on plans, you can add an exterior deck, an extension, or even build up and add another storey. Modular structures allows you to modify and create the home you want. Unique framing techniques reduce cold bridging and enhance insulation. Modest living space that can be adopted for a variety of uses◄
  12. MOSSCREEK   These people do not sell log cabins/homes, they specialize in Log Home & Timber Frame design but do other types also i guess. They have a nice professional looking website. They have an inventory of stock home plans and the smallest i could find was their "Mackaye Shelter", a 725 SF cabin, pictured on the right, but not a log cabin.

    ►Building a new home is not only one of the largest financial investments that a homeowner may make in a lifetime, but also one of the most personal. During the design of a new home, each consideration can be a review of who you are as a person, who you aspire to be, and what mark you want to leave on this earth . . . An opening of the soul that can establish new benchmarks of awareness. MossCreek understands this. We are a group of skilled individuals dedicated solely to the design of rustic American style homes. Because we're not a drafting or architecture firm, we can offer more. Our small team of talented professionals affords you personal access to every member of the firm and the unique talents that each brings to the project. At MossCreek, we design some of the most unique and authentic luxury log homes, cozy log cabins, and custom timber frame homes in the country. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, the designers of MossCreek travel throughout the US continuously studying and interpreting the best in regional and historic log and timber frame home styles. This gives us the ability to express your dream in a home rooted deep in history and tradition, or to create an altogether new style for you with references to past methods of log home and timber frame construction. Please don't hesitate to call us and let us know how we can help make your dream of a beautiful, rustic log or timber frame home come true.◄
  13. TIMBER FRAME HOME PLANS   Picture on the right is of their 471 SF "Little Balsam" model. Click on the picture at the right to visit their inventory of house plans, which is quite a few.

    ►It's never been easier to buy a timber frame home plan. Just select the format and any additional options and the plans will be on their way to you. These plans have been developed to be energy efficient and sustainable. Designed with structural insulated panels, they are quickly constructed and offer exceptional energy efficiency. We offer optional plan revisions, engineering services nationwide (through our partners), and mirrored plans. All plans are copyright protected and sold to build one time only. However, we do have pricing for multiple use. Just contact us to discuss your project. Today, more than ever, it is more important to build an energy efficient, sustainable home. A timber framed home defines green, energy efficiency, and sustainability. These homes, with exposed timbers and open floor plans, provide living space that has exceptional character, extraordinary beauty, and maximum flexibility. The energy efficient panel enclosure package ensures that the resources needed to heat and cool your home will be kept to a minimum. Earth friendly, budget friendly. Whether you chose one of our smaller timber frame floor plans or a home plan that provides larger living, a Timberstead timber frame home plan will serve you well. Contact us at or call (828) 524-8662.◄
  14. GOWER DESIGN GROUP   This business is located in Victoria, BC, Canada. They can do custom work as well as provide a list of stock building plans as seen on their website. This listing here was previously named "BC Mountain Homes" but was recently purchased by Gower and so the name change.
    Cool Amazon Search
    You can access BC Mountain Homes cabin plans by visiting this Gower link. Savvy?

    ►The Gower Design Group is a British Columbia-based home design company specializing in compact, efficient and graceful single-family homes and renovations. Our practice is founded on the belief that good design can be a truly transformative force in peoples' lives and for the greater health of the planet. We specialize in designing livable and beautiful living spaces even where there are constraints of site, budget and accessibility. Our expertise is in doing more with less, so our homes and renovations live large, but carry a smaller footprint. We offer a full spectrum of home planning options, ranging from our growing collection of stock plans to full custom design services and site development planning.◄
  15. WINTERWOODS HOMES   This is a custom architectural design business located in Nellysford, Virginia. I suspect that they are a fairly large firm and i am including them here because they have a nice inventory of log cabin plans under 1000 SF. They seem to specialize in log cabins for those of you who would be interested in log cabin type plans. Picture on the right is of their 715 SF, 1 bed, 1 bath "The Turkey Trot" located in their "The Antique Cabin Collection" section.

    ►Winterwood Homes is a full service company including architectural and professional interior design services, master site development and land planning. Winterwoods Homes is proud to present these highly affordable, natural element log and timber frame home plans. You've dreamed of a log and timber frame home design built from the natural elements around you. Something unique, designed just for you. Our design team is available to you exclusively, to visit your site, discuss your vision of a dream home and needs. Custom design and build one of these log and timber frame home plans, or design a one-of-a-kind dream home just for you. More than 40 home plans are now available. The designs range from the cozy Cabin Creek looks to multi-million dollar luxurious mountain retreats.◄
  16. FREE GREEN   This seems like a pretty good deal for many people. "With 58,988 house plans downloaded (and counting), FreeGreen is the world's largest provider of home design." The picture on the right is of their PLAN # 06-001: "THE CABIN" 704 SF 1 bedrooms / 1 baths.

    ►Welcome to FreeGreen's free house plan selections. These are the highest quality free house plans in the world. Each house plan is available for free thanks to our wonderful green product & service sponsors. Please be sure to check out these great sponsors, and if you are interested, use the post house plan download screen to contact these vendors and learn more about them. We hope you enjoy these free house plans and we look forward to continuing to growing our free house plan library. FreeGreen offers both Sponsored and Non-Sponsored or clean House Plans. Our goal in this offering is to give our users choice. You can either download our Non-Sponsored Premium Plans as soon as they are released for a nominal fee (currently $19.95 a year for unlimited downloads) or wait for us to line up sponsors, and only download our Free House Plans. Now downloading over 36,000 free house plans a year, and with hundreds of Premium Members we believe that we are now truly changing the residential housing landscape. Our Premium Users also get access to our house plans editable CAD files, $1000's of exclusive vendor product discounts, and 50% off all house plan customization work done by FreeGreen. With this Premium Membership is a great way for FreeGreen to offer valuable (Non-Sponsored) resources to our users for a price that is unheard of in the house plan industry. Our theory around our Free House Plans is as follows: No longer are homes made from simple raw materials. Today's homes are assembled from a complex combination of existing products and service providers. With this transition in home assembles, product placement has become a natural part of the home design process (especially in green homes). From choosing cabinets that work with your kitchen, to making sure your insulation performs well and contributes to good indoor air quality, it all comes down to the products that we choose. FreeGreen has taken advantage of this progression in construction reality to create a symbiotic environment where the placement of our sponsor or vendor products allows us to create better, more usable house plans for our users, while giving us the ability to offer those same house plans for free. That said, we are not shy in saying that: FreeGreen would not exist without paid placement from product manufacturers, and all product or service provider placements should be considered advertising. In the same way that television has used advertiser revenues to bring us our favorite programs for free, FreeGreen, is using house plan product placement to promote and disseminate green design for free. In order to avoid product bias, we present every product and material in a fair and clear light. Users can see ratings from established third-party green certification programs such as LEED and NAHB for each product (good or bad), or research performance through our energy modeling reports. Our goal is to show you a multitude of material and product possibilities through various lenses, including quality, health, and energy performance. We encourage users of this website to help us develop new designs. Feel free to tell us about the products and features you would like to see in our upcoming plans.◄
  17. NEW YANKEE ONLINE   This listing i have created here takes you to "The New Yankee Workshop" Shed Plans presented by Norm Abram. On their website you will find other plans listed for other woodworking type projects that will be useful in your backyard or garden or around the house. They sell both Videos & Measured Drawings.

    ►We are thrilled to present weekly streaming episodes and special offers. The staff at The New Yankee Workshop is committed to providing excellent service. Continue to check back for next weeks program & new specials. Hosted by master carpenter Norm Abram, who is legendary for his woodworking skills, The New Yankee Workshop has guided millions of viewers through the hands-on process of furniture making. Taking his cue from a pool house he finds on Nantucket, Norm creates a relatively simple, multipurpose structure (as shown in the picture at the right) so coveted by today's homeowners. It could be a garden shed, a place to store the outdoor furniture for the winter, a pool house, or a home for the family bicycles and yard machines. This 96-square foot building is the perfect size for many backyards and "features" low-maintenance materials that are expected to hold paint and resist weather. Best of all, it is attractive to look at and relatively easy to build.◄
  18. TIMBER HOME LIVING   This online business or maybe it's called an online magazine has a series of websites centered around the subject of homes. This particular site linked to here goes to their "Timber Home Living magazine" and is billed as "Your Guide to Timber Frame Homes: Timber Home Living". Picture on the right is of the Timbercraft: Cozy Retreat, a 576 SF, 1 Bath, 1 Bedroom, 2 Floor, Tiny Cabin plan for sale. ►Timber Home Living is a part of Home Buyer Publications (HBP). HBP was founded in 1983 and later purchased by Active Interest Media (AIM) in 2004. HBP is the leading producer of magazines, shows and web sites in two unique specialty markets—log and timber frame homes as well as old house restoration and renovation. Through our publications, online communities, shows and seminars, hundreds of thousands of interested home buyers and homeowners find the opportunity to achieve their home building dreams and enjoy the lifestyle. Whether it is a warm, cozy log home, a timeless yet contemporary timber frame home or a beautifully restored and decorated old home, our readers are passionate and devoted enthusiasts. HBP is a rapidly growing media company focused on enthusiast magazines and related consumer shows, internet sites and books. HBP publishes Arts and Crafts Homes, Country's Best Log Homes, Dream Home Showcase, Early Homes, Log Home Living, New Old House, Old-House Interiors, Old-House Journal, The Design Center Sourcebook and Timber Home Living magazines.◄
  19. MIDWEST PLAN SERVICE   There is a large amount of information here for sale at probably a fairly low cost to the general public. Most of the items available pertain to farming and animal husbandry, but there is also some house plans. There is also free house plans. Most of the material seems to be quite old, perhaps developed in the 1930's i would guess. Picture on the right is of a sample book "Guidelines for Building or Remodeling Your Home" at the time of this writing cost $32.00.

    Beauty Products For Men & Women ►MidWest Plan Service (MWPS), is a university-based publishing cooperative dedicated to publishing and disseminating research-based, peer-reviewed, practical, and affordable publications that support the outreach missions of the 12 North Central Region land-grant universities plus the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Established in 1929 and publishing since 1932, MWPS is one of the oldest regional cooperative efforts of land-grant universities in the United States. The long-standing success of MidWest Plan Service can be credited to three primary factors: Dedication of individual committee members. Commitment of individual universities that support the MWPS mission with staff. Willingness of specialists and professionals throughout the country to volunteer time to write and review materials. Authors of MWPS publications identify new issues, concepts, and technologies, then translate them into practical educational materials used by a variety of individuals, including educators (secondary, collegiate, continuing, and professional education), agricultural producers, agribusiness professionals, homeowners, landowners, conservationists, and municipal planners. MWPS provides the cost-and-time-effective mechanism for publishing and distributing these materials. All MWPS publications receive stringent review by professionals in relevant fields. MWPS publications are recognized for exceptional quality and have earned awards for technical information from the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) and for information presentation from the Agricultural Communicators in Education (ACE).◄
  20. COMPACT CABINS   This looks like a neat little book which has a good review rating on It contains 62 small cabin plan configurations to choose from.

    ►The setting might be a sparkling lakefront, a cool clearing in the woods, a breathtaking mountaintop, or an expansive beach, but the dream of a modest retreat from everyday life often includes a simple little cabin. In cabin getaways of the imagination, the cares of the world recede, time slows down, and the day's pace is set by leisure and quiet activities. Compact Cabins presents 62 design interpretations of the getaway dream, with something to please every taste. Best of all, these small footprint designs are affordable and energy efficient without skimping on comfort and style. The cabins range in size from a cozy 100 square feet to a more spacious but still economical 1,000 square feet, and all include sleeping accommodations, kitchen and bath facilities, and a heat source. Complete chapters on low-maintenance building materials, utilities and appliances, and alternative energy sources supply readers with the options for living efficiently in small spaces. For every design, readers will find floor plans with detailed suggestions for designing the space for optimal use. These plans are flexible; many feature modular elements that can be mixed and matched to accommodate a particular owner's needs or hobbies. Features such as an outdoor fireplace, covered porch, or external storage locker might work nicely in several cabin designs. It's all about enhancing and maximizing small spaces to suit individual needs and preferences. Build small. In this time of uncertain energy costs, global warming, and tighter budgets, building small is a theme that resonates with second-home owners. Gerald Rowan shows readers how to achieve their cabin dreams on a small footprint.◄
  21. MATTOZZI MAINE PROJECT   Here's a very nice little cabin for you. The plans for this cabin have been made available to you by the designer/builder. He had lots of requests for the plans, so i guess he went ahead and made some for the general public. They also have a Facebook page with lots of information about their purpose. They describe themselves as "Building plans and research for efficient and affordable small dwellings".

    Amazon Subscribe & Save ►In 2005 we designed, developed and built in Western Maine, USA, a compact cottage/cabin (20ft x 20ft). The cabin has been tested for the past 5 years for energy efficiency, stability (harsh Maine winters, Nor'easters and heavy snow loads). We had many people asking where to purchase the plans for this special small house. In 2011 we decided to finally sell and distribute the modern cabin plans to the public. 400 square feet of bliss! The 2005 "Maine Prototype" has two small bedrooms, a bathroom (with shower) and a kitchen/living room area. The house feels extremely comfortable and not at all "constricted". . . The cabin can be built following different specifications. An open concept with no walls/rooms is also possible because the inside walls are not "weight bearing walls". These building plans are for an affordable small and efficient modern cabin. Please contact us if you want to purchase a set of plans for this 4 season "Modern Cabin".◄
  22. TREEHOUSE SUPPLIES   Someone said there is a growing interest in building tree houses, and i guess that would include that are capable of being lived in. This website i have linked to here provides not only multiple tree house plan styles, but also sells supplies for building a like rope ladders, fasteners, rope swings, carabiners, brackets, zip line kits, windows, plus other good stuff . Picture on the right is of their 14ft x 12ft Rectangular Tree house Plan.

    ►We offer standard plans and custom tree house design services to help you build a safe & tree friendly tree house. Our plans are thorough and are loaded with construction tips and advice from professional builders with hundreds of tree house projects in their portfolio. Look to see if one of our standard tree house plans are close enough to your tree layout for you to use it as is. If not, then we can either modify a standard plan to fit your trees or create a unique design custom tailored to your trees and wishes. Don't see what you need? If none of these tree house plans are suitable for your tree house project or to fit in your trees, then please let us know! We can develop plans for basic tree houses as people need them. We can also modify these tree house plans to fit your trees or to help you change the sizes. Send us an email to let us know how we can help!◄
  23. HOME PLANS FOR FREE   This could be a pretty cool site, but i notice a lot of the links are bad unfortunately, but there is probably enough material available to make it worthwhile listing here. Picture on the right is typical of what is available on this site. I have not viewed all the plans so cannot give a complete description.

    ►Did you know there was a Federal Program paid to distribute Plans for Free? This program has ceased to be subsidized still many of the Floor Plans are around! The Plans are with this collection of Free Home, Cabin, Cottage, and Building Plans! One Link States the Plans Have Been For Sale on eBay. Why Pay For Home Floor Plans Available For Free?◄
  24. DRUMMOND HOUSE PLANS   This is a real professional looking site with many nice looking unique designs. Picture on the right is of their 840 SF Plan W3900 - 'The Trail Seeker 1'. I like this other plan also, a 1325 SF Cottage called: House Plan W4935 "The Skyway 2" so much that i include it here for your viewing by clicking here. I could find about 8 plans for cabins under 1000 SF. I could find about 429 plans between 1000 SF and 1600 SF. According to their website plans can be modified, so if you like a plan in something that is too large for you, then maybe they can cut it down to a smaller square footage.

    Arts, Crafts, & Sewing ►The desire of many people is certainly to be the owner of a home. As a result, creating a family nest for your loved ones might be your life's biggest investment. Being aware of the availability of specific residential building design codes, high-tech materials, new construction methods, to name a few, the consumers will naturally demand a high standard of design for their future home. For this reason, today's consumer tends to rely on specialists for the design of his dream home, and Drummond House Plans will assure you such designs. Drummond House Plans has been a reference in the world of residential architecture since 1973 with over 110,000 satisfied customers. Our primary goal is to offer the consumer top quality homes that meet and even exceed most of the world's building code requirements. Each detail is examined scrupulously, whether it is the climate/environment relative to the construction site, the staircase's conformity to codes, adequate window space and other design aspects such as kitchen functionality. All floor plans, reference drawings, architectural and engineering plans, are submitted to a rigorous inspection program which is continuously updated. This inspection program was elaborated from knowledge gained over the years and from specific code requirements of countries throughout the world. Furthermore, each design undergoes a study of interior space utilization, so as to maximize every square foot of each room. Each study includes the analysis of: Traffic areas, location of doors/windows relative to the natural light and furniture layout, only to mention a few. We take special care to present our houses in realistic settings, each with its own decoration program so the consumer can better visualize the product as his future home.◄
  25. CHEROKEE CABIN COMPANY   Nice website. Lots of lovely looking tiny cabin plans for sale. These plans are priced quite reasonably. No Thousand Dollar plans here. Tiny cabin in the Bahamas in the picture on the right was built (slightly modified) from their "Mackenzie II plans".

    ►Welcome to the Cherokee Cabin Company's on line plans catalog. A Collection of very small, very easy to build designs with working drawings available for each design. See below for ordering. Cabins are 2X4/2X6 wall frame designs (NOT LOG). Plans consist of 1/4in Foundation/Footing Plan, 1/4in Floor Plan, 1/4in Front Elevation, 1/4in Right Side Elevation, 1/4in Rear Elevation, 1/4in Left Side Elevation, Scaled Building or Wall Section with Electric noted on Floor Plan. Plans are suitable for submitting to your local building department. Due to the many possible framing/finish options available, a materials list is NOT included.◄
  26. COOL HOUSE PLANS   They really do have some cool little home plans for sell here. The picture on the right is of their plan number chp-36613, a 324 SF cabin.

    ►When you order your home plans from the construction drawings will be shipped directly to you from the design firm that designed your home. If you have any questions before or during the construction of your new house, simply pick up the phone and call the design firm listed on the product package or on the front page of your new house plans. At The COOL House Plans Company we choose to provide all home plans offered by each of the home designers. With such an amazing variety, you can decide for yourself what's hot and what's not. If we featured only our best-selling home plans, our collection would be just the same as our competitors (yawn). Some of the home designs you'll find on are unique to this house plans website. Searching through tens of thousands of stock home plans has never been easier. Search by categories such as One-Story Homes, Two-Story Homes, Luxury or Small Home Plans. Or, you can simply search by home styles such as Country, Victorian, Colonial, Traditional, European, Mediterranean and many more. You can even search for a home plan according to your individual needs. For example, are you tired of climbing stairs at bedtime? Search for homes with the master bedroom on the main level. We've made it easy to find a home plan that's right for you. It is not uncommon for our customers to want to make changes to a home's floor plan. Depending on your individual needs, you may want to move walls or enlarge the size of your garage. Maybe you'll need to change the home's foundation type, or increase ceiling heights to suit your specific taste. Whatever the case, your home builder or a local home designer can help you make changes, or you can call our modification service at 800-482-0464. Remember, any home plan can be changed, and almost any change can be made, so let our experienced design staff create a customized home plan that meets your specific needs and desires.◄

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